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Luca Marulli

Miura Takehiko

三浦 竹彦


Miura-San, brings to the company over 15 years of experience in project management and site supervision. With a design background spanning North America, the Tokyo area, and Niseko Hirafu he has worked on numerous high-end residential projects. His many years of practice in Hokkaido bring an essential understanding of this island unique snowy climate and its implication for 
architectural developments.

Sato Yuya


Luca is an architectural and engineering graduate from The University of Tokyo, with over 8 years of experience in the industry. He has developed his architectural skills in Milan, Oxford, Edinburgh, and Sydney before landing in Japan. His professional career has exposed him to various aspects of design, including land development, retail, and residential designs. As a proficient Japanese speaker, Luca supervises all phases of the architectural process. With design experience in the Niseko area, he always strives to provide exciting and site-responsive solutions, finding the right balance between aesthetic and feasibility, and the all-important practical aspects of designing in an extreme climate like Hokkaido.

Sato Yuya

佐藤 佑哉


Following a bachelor degree in the UK and a master degree in Japan; Yuya is a highly skilled 1st Class Architect proficient in the design development phase, detailing and site management. His previous experience in Tokyo as an Architectural Design Manager exposed him to high-end residential developments, a set of expertise that he brings to NOFORMA to provide high standards of design in every project.

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