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Green Cloud


A poetic proposal for Tokyo Olympic. Green Cloud seamlessly blends an intricately designed construction system with the rich tapestry of Japanese botanical diversity. Envisioned as an Information Center for the Tokyo Olympics, the structural concept revolves around tensegrity principles. Delicate vertical columns are intricately woven within a carbon fiber wire mesh, creating a unified system where this seemingly formless mesh transforms into a 'passerelle,' offering visitors a chance to behold the beauty of the Tokyo Olympics under a vibrant canopy of flowers. This floral cover not only serves as a spectacle but also provides respite from the sweltering summer heat. The mesh, functioning as a stabilizing force, reinforces the slender wooden posts, which, in turn, act as anchor points for the mesh. The outcome is a whimsical three-dimensional space that mirrors the dynamic design elements of Tokyo's ever-evolving landscape, merging seamlessly with the vivid colors and distinct shapes of Japanese flora—an experience that swift-paced visitors might otherwise miss out on



Japan, Tokyo


Structure: N.A


Design: Luca Marulli

              Daet Washurushtakon

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