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Onsen House


Efficiency, simplicity and effectiveness. Tailored to be a small refuge within the forest the architecture blueprint of this lsub- 100m² looks at the topology of a cube as starting point to create a climate and context responsive design. The South-East of the cube is enlarged to increase transparency and surface area to capture the views as well as sunlight, while the roof is sloped down forward to shed the snow into the valley below minimizing snow clearing during the winter month. The interior layout is simple and effective, accommodating a comfortable Onsen room drawing up spring water from the mountain. A concise selection of materials echoes consistently from the exterior to the interior where harder surfaces are complemented by softer and brighter wood accents.



Japan, Hokkaido


Structure: Masaki Lab


Design: Luca Marulli, S.Yuya,

             T.Miura, Otani, hpd

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