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Religion, community and craft. Ubudehe refers to the long-standing Rwandan practice and culture of collective action and mutual support to solve problems within a community”(Rwandan Governance Board). The project bears the name Ubudehe because it aims to celebrate the value of locality as the mean to build the chapel, and establish a sense community based on knowledge and idea’s sharing. Local materials, local skills and local people are directed for the construction of this holy space. By sourcing locally, a potential network of people ideas, products and knowledge can be established, that will run across the country and across the ages, as teaching and learning are the key parts of it. The establishment of the chapel aims to work as a ‘community bonding’ process; channelling different skills from around the region, it also aims to be a started point from where the community can develop and grow further and further employing the skills obtained during the process of construction. The design is inspired by the life of Saint Clare, the founder of the Clarisses. Born in a rich family of Assisi Saint Clare abandoned all the privileges of her status and embraced the Franciscan value of poverty. She run away from home one night and received the cut of the hair by Saint Francis, embracing forever the penitential life. This action marked the turning moment of her existence, moving into a life in the light of God. The design of the chapel wants to cel- ebrate this powerful moment, creating a strong split in the procession from the entrance to the altar zone, a motion from the darkness to the light.





Structure: N.A


Design: Luca Marulli 

              Daet Washurushta

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